Crafty Records

craft \`kraft\ vb.: to make or produce with care, skill, and ingenuity

crafty \`kraf-t?\ adj.: skillful, clever : marked by subtlety and guile (a ~ scheme)

OK, maybe “clever” is a stretch. And we’re not really sure what “guile” means, but here’s the thing: We love making good records. Records with carefully crafted songs played by great musicians. And these days, with records slowly being pushed aside in favor of downloads – and CD players collecting dust while people crank up their iPods – the strength of each song become all the more important. In other words, more and more people are buying songs instead of records.

Here is the Crafty Philosophy: Before you ever add drums, or bass, or pedal steel, a song has to sound good when played on an acoustic guitar or piano, whether sitting at your kitchen table or standing under the stage lights, maybe with someone who can sing a little harmony. If you have that core, the nugget of a strong song, then the band and the recording engineer and the crowd will make the music as beautiful as it can be. Now that’s Crafty.